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Portraits: Making the Shot is bursting at the seams with practical and down to earth portrait photography advice, tips and imagery. It has been created to do one thing, transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into beautiful works of art.
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Photography Workshop for Non-Photographer Artists

This coming July, there will be two workshops to be held in Washington as sponsored by the Olga Strawberry Council.  The two workshops will be conducted by Ray Pfortner, a recognized expert in the photo industry for over 25 years.  Both workshops will be held at the Olga Community Hall.  The first workshop session will be on July 10 about “Photography for non-photographer artists” and the next workshop will be about “Turning your art into cards – and cash” to be held on the following day, July 11.

Life Drawing class in the Foundation Visual Art & Design program at VFS

Ray Pfortner is originally from New York City but lived in Vashon for 18 years.  He is also known for being an editor, educator, agent, rep, consultant, and photographer.  The purpose of both workshops is to help visual artists develop their art to make a living out of it and not just a simple hobby.  The interested participants are encouraged to prepare questions and seven samples of their original arts or soft digital copies.

Inside the Foundation Visual Art & Design campus

There will be two optional field shoots for those who will be taking both workshops to be held on Tuesday evening after the first session and then the other will be on Wednesday morning prior to the next session.

Enjoying State Parks by way of Digital Photo Walks (see http://photomorrobay.com/walks ) is proving to be this year's biggest visitor service hit.   Digital Photo Walk at Montana de Oro's Hazard Reef Tidepools, led by Jerry Kirkhart, 09 Jan. 2009.  25 peo

Each workshop will cost $50.  For registration and more details, feel free to contact Edith Thomsen at 376-2466 or email rosecovers@interisland.net.

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Credits: George Lawrence/Library of Congress

The Earliest Collection of Aerial Photographs

A full collection of aerial photographs from more than a hundred years ago has been recently displayed at the Library of Congress.  A late photographer named George R. Lawrence inherited a camera studio in 1893 and opened his new company with a catchy motto saying, “The Hitherto Impossible in Photography is Our Specialty.”  The Library [...]

Credits: David Emitt Adams

Tintype Portraits by Photographer

David Emitt Adams, a photographer experiments with the discarded film canister. This unconventional photographer has made a series of tintype photographs that were created using 35 mm film canisters. Now Adams is teaching “Introduction to Photography course” using his bright idea of developing his students photos on abandon tin cans. This project which is his own idea was [...]

Bondi Pavilion Head On Photography Festival

Ocean Photography: A World Beneath the Surface

Darren Jew a Brisbane native award-winning nature photographer has dedicated almost all his life on photography. He has this vision to transport the viewers to the depths of the ocean that amazed and fascinated him.  This award-winning photographer not only has to submerged himself under the cold shivering water for hours and hours, but he [...]


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