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Everyday People Photo Project

A local newspaper in Oklahoma Tulsa World has initiated a photo project called “Everyday People” as made possible by photographer John Clanton.  The main goal of this photo project is to feature one new person every day of the year with a portrait and simple description of who they are.  We may be used of seeing pictures of popular personalities and celebrities in the news stand.  But little we know about the people we meet every day as we walk along the local streets.

Credits: John Clanton/Tulsa World

The photographer John Clanton knows how hard it is to look for a new picture everyday and so he decided to take on this new endeavor.  According to the photographer, he is not looking for popular figures or anyone that can obviously stand out among the crowd.  As the title of the project is concerned, he will feature ordinary people just like himself and anyone of us.

Credits: John Clanton/Tulsa World

Each person has unique qualities and a new life story to unfold.  The Everyday People Photo Project will provide some insights and portraits of people who live for their interests and cherish their jobs and roles in the community.  This project might just grab the interest of many local readers and some may probably hope to be featured one day.

Feel free to check out the official website of this photo project, www.tulsaworld.com.

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