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Best Cameras for Food Photography

Recently just a few hours ago, BonAppetit.com featured an exclusive blog post of William Hereford, a talented food photographer, who shared his top picks for the best cameras for food photography.

As you may know, the digital market currently offers an enormous variety of choices for different types of consumers.  William Hereford admits that he started to know less about taking good pictures and spent more time learning about the best cameras.  He claims that back then he spent hours reading blogs about film versus digital photography, medium format versus 35mm, lenses, digital backs, darkroom techniques, and the best leather camera straps available.

Day 311

He shares his criteria on how to find the right camera which he still practices until now.  The first criteria give high regards to the appearance of the camera.  He wants the camera to look cool or else it should be disregarded.  And the second criteria refer to image quality the camera can deliver.

Mushroom Cheeseburger - March 6, 2011

William Hereford listed down the top seven cameras which he considers as the common choices for different types of photographers:

He also included an actual comparison of the cameras’ outputs in food photography as he mentions a few tips in getting a good light to help improve the composition.  With regards to food photography, he gave emphasis on digital SLRs Canon 5D MKIII and Nikon D7000 for those who are willing to carry a bulk.  But then among the seven listed cameras, he considers Lumix as the best one and his top choice.

Shrimp, Kale, Turnips, and Salad.

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