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The Basics of Exposure

Let’s start with digital image exposure. This is a simple thing and it has to do with how light is allowed onto the photo sensor that will create your digital image. If the right amount of light is allowed in, then the image will look deep and rich in color. If too much light is allowed in, your image will look faded, too bright or milky. This is often referred to as washed out or blown out and it means that your picture is overexposed. If not enough light is allowed in, then the picture will look dark and murky. This is referred to as an underexposed image.

Your digital camera can usually take care of this digital image exposure itself. Modern cameras have something called a light meter built in. This light meter will measure how much light is around the camera, and then change the settings to allow the right amount of light in. However, cameras are not always right.

Sometimes, your camera will try to take the right image and you will still end up with something over or underexposed. This often happens in strange situations, like when the sun is extremely bright or when you are taking pictures in heavy shadows. In these types of situations, you will need to adjust the digital image exposure yourself. You will be able to adjust this with a couple of settings: aperture and shutter speed. We will discuss each of these in more detail momentarily.

Think about that perfect picture you want to take of your child or spouse or best friend or nephew. No matter who you are photographing, if the exposure is not right, the image will be ruined. If it is perfectly exposed, then you will have a picture to treasure for years to come.

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