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Accessories You May Want to Use

Once you delve into the world of digital photography, you will find that there are numerous accessories you can buy for your camera. Not all accessories are a must, and you may find no use whatsoever for many of them. However, there are some digital camera accessories that prove to be extremely useful to anyone who wants to take good pictures. I have put together a list of some of the most useful accessories you could consider along with an average of what you may expect to pay. Remember that the digital camera accessories need to be designed to work with your camera specifically, so prices can vary.

  • A Tripod $30-$40. This accessory is a must have for anyone who takes portrait or landscape pictures regularly.
  • A Lens Cleaning Cloth $5-$10. As mentioned, you need the cloth to be lint free, and these will be non-abrasive so they will not scratch the camera lens.
  • A Camera Bag/Backpack $30-$100. Of course you need a case for your camera so that it does not get damaged. If you will be using an SLR camera, you will need a bag that will leave room for extra lenses.
  • A Hot Shoe Flash. $200-$400. These flashes for SLR cameras will give you much more control over the lighting in any situation.
  • A Cable Release. $10-$30. If you want to set up your camera and walk away to take the image, these releases can be most helpful.
  • Lens Filters $20-$100. These filters will help in different situations. The UV filter will soften glares when shooting outdoors. The soft focus filter will make images look softer and more pleasing. There are many different filters from which you can choose and there are even filter packs you could buy. As with any digital camera accessories, make sure you choose filters that fit your camera and the lens.
  • A backup battery. Price will depend on what type of battery your camera uses. Well, these are not so much digital camera accessories and more common sense items, but it is still good to mention. Always pack at least one backup set of batteries, and preferably two sets if your camera uses standard batteries. On the same note, make sure you have more than one memory card with you in case you fill up one or it becomes damaged in some way.
  • Different Lenses $250-$1000. Of course, this only applies if you have an SLR camera, but there are vast amounts of different lenses you may want to eventually purchase. The lens that came with your camera will be a good basic option, but there are plenty of other options out there. Telephoto lenses will allow you to capture images from far away (great for wildlife photography), macro lenses will allow extreme close-ups and fish-eye lenses will allow for some unique, fun and funky images. Lenses can be costly, though, so make sure you only choose options that you will actually use on a regular basis or you may find that your expensive new lens sits in the closet collecting dust.

The more you delve into the world of photography, the more you will find that accessories can be a photographer’s best friend. However, accessories are by no means a must. You may find that you want to buy them along and along so that they are not too much of a strain on your budget.

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