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Canon Powershot SD780IS Review

Canon Powershot SD780IS

The Good
12.1 Megapixel CCD, Compact/Lightweight, 720p Video Capabilities, Wide Viewing Angle, Image Stabilizer.
The Bad
2.5” LCD, Few Manual Controls, Difficult Menu to Navigate, 0.8 Frames Per Second Continuous Shooting, Too Small for Comfortable Manipulation.
Yay or Nay
Because this camera came out around a year ago and still costs around $230, it seems something newer could be bought for the same price. However, it does offers many great features that make it a great all around camera.


The PowerShot SD780IS is a great little camera from Canon. It offers the slimmest size ever achieved, and has many great automatic features. However, like many of its counterparts, it offers little to no manual control. Canon has marketed the SD780IS properly by labeling it ELPH (elf and photo combined), and have offered it in a variety of different colors to appeal to the younger generation. Nevertheless, it is not really the ideal size or type of camera for someone who is looking for a fully controllable picture taking experience.


With the DIGIC4 image processor and the 12.1 CCD, the photographic capabilities of the SD780IS can compete with many similar products in terms of reliability. However, it falls much shorter of others in continuous shooting mode, and is only capable of 8 frames every ten seconds (0.8) under the most ideal conditions possible. As a result, this camera is really only suitable for use in static environments where there is little to no movement, and you’re not trying to catch an action photo. It’s not that the ISO speeds aren’t capable of doing this, it’s just that the probability of the person being able to accomplish this is greatly decreased because of the camera’s abilities.

Canon Powershot SD780IS LCD


Despite its lackluster continuous shooting abilities, this ELPH can shoot 720p HD video. This is one of the greatest features that this camera offers. With the direct ports to transfer the video, it’s easy to hook your camera directly to a TV or computer. With the proper software loaded onto your computer, it’s easy to record nature and sports moments and pick particular frames of the thirty that were shot every second. After you do this, you can easily crop, edit and enlarge the newly created photograph to suit your desires.

Photo Quality and Extras

The reliability of the DIGIC4 image processor and the 12.1 megapixel CCD has earned this camera high marks in the reliability department, as well as working together to create high quality photographs. Even with the slower ISO speeds, it’s still possible to get a high quality picture out of many different kinds of conditions. Unfortunately, the ISO speeds also hinder catching fast action and night shots that are possible with some higher quality cameras.

Nevertheless, with the few basic color options and the overall reliability, this camera can be used in a wide variety of settings with no issues. The built in flash offers an answer to night photography, and if it’s necessary it can take one picture every ten seconds or so with full flash. With the target audience in the lower age range, the options and the limitations of this camera don’t seem to affect most owners.

Canon Powershot SD780IS Colors


Besides the downsides already mentioned, there are a few things that could have been done better the first time around with this camera. Most notably is the 2.5” LCD screen, given that most cameras have a 3” screen, as well as many more usability options to work with the screen. Another of the downfalls is the size. For someone who is either used to large cameras or is a medium to large person themselves, the size will become an issue when it comes to manipulating the camera and controls.


As a first digital camera, the SD780IS is a great machine that will function reliably. However, it is not ideal for use outside of the “just-for-fun” sect, and will not be a good choice for various light and weather conditions. If you are looking for a fun and colorful digital camera that you can buy for someone younger, the $230 price of the Canon Powershot SD780IS makes it a good choice that won’t cost you a whole lot of money.

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