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Best Budget Digital SLR Cameras in March 2013

  1. Nikon D5200 (Click here to read user reviews)

  2. Canon EOS Rebel T4i (Click here to read user reviews)

  3. Pentax K-30  (Click here to read user reviews)

There is nothing like shooting the perfect picture to capture a moment in time. Whether you are taking a picture of your child hitting their first ball or you are taking breathtaking images of a scenic landscape, you will want to make sure you get the perfect image. In order to be able to capture those images, you definitely want to consider the digital SLR camera. Single lens reflex cameras give you much more control over everything in the image from focusing to zoom to shutter speed.

However, these types of cameras can be extremely expensive. Not everyone can spend a few thousand dollars on a camera. The good news is that there are budget digital SLRs that can be much more cost effective. You do not have to break the bank in order to own a nice digital camera. Here are four budget digital SLRs that you may want to consider.

Best Budget Digital SLR Cameras


Nikon D5200 24.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

Nikon D5200 (Click to view details)

This camera is a good option for someone wanting to be able to both take pictures and record video.  The Nikon D5200 is the latest updated version of its successful predecessors, rooting from the release of the Nikon D5000 years ago which was one of the best entry level DSLR cameras for beginners.  All of the reviewers are saying that this camera is perfect for anyone who wants a budget DSLR with plenty of exciting features. Here are some the features that the camera will offer you.

  • 24.1 megapixel imaging
  • 16 Scene modes and 7 Special effects available
  • Shutter speeds up to 1/4000 seconds
  • Effective low-light shooting with ISO sensitivity range up to 6400
  • 5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Full HD video shooting
  • Available in 3 body colors

Moreover, Nikon has made sure to keep up with the current trends as the Nikon D5200 consumers has the option to buy the WU-1a wireless mobile adapter which allows remote shooting access and easier transfer of images to a smart device.  The evolution of digital technology along with the current demand of social networking has inspired many manufacturers to introduce this kind of feature that lets more photographers enjoy the boost of wireless capabilities among the latest digital cameras.

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Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D) 18.0 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm EF-S IS II Lens

Canon Rebel T4i (Click to view details)

A budget friendly camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i is the perfect option for anyone who wishes to own a digital SLR camera but is working with a limited budget. A good camera for those who proceed from the basic to a more advanced shooting experience, this Canon unit is a good choice for serious enthusiasts.  Reviewers regularly refer to the Canon EOS Rebel T4i as the best Rebel on the market today.  Just what features can you expect from the camera?

  • 18 Megapixel imaging
  • 9-point all cross-type AF system
  • Vari-angle Touch Screen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II
  • extended ISO sensitivity range from 100-12800
  • 5 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting
  • Full HD video shooting

If there were a reason to not choose this camera, it would be the fact that it is not for the professional level. If you are anything more than a advanced amateur, then you may find the controls of the camera to be too basic and find the extra features unnecessary in regards to your professional needs.  The bottom line is this:  if you are a serious beginner or an experienced shooter, this camera is very simple to use and a great option for those keeping a tight budget.

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Pentax K-30 Weather-Sealed 16.3 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm Lens

Pentax K-30 (Click to view details)

Considered to cross the line between budget digital SLRs and mid range options, the Pentax K-30 is a good camera for those who want more control over their imaging but they still need to keep things low in cost. This camera takes you to an amazing shooting experience without having to worry about the location and weather.  You can take it anywhere whether it be on a sunny day at the beach or a cold hike to the mountains.  The Pentax K-30 comes fully loaded with impressive features.

  • 16 megapixel imaging
  • Advanced 11-point AF
  • Fully weather sealed, dustproof, coldproof design
  • 6 frames per second continuous shooting
  • ISO range up to 25600
  • HDR In-camera shooting modes
  • Full HD video shooting

The Pentax K-30 not only comes in a fun packaging but also comes along quirky features that surely enthusiasts would enjoy.  The body itself comes in three bright colors which makes it more trendy and friendly for novice enthusiasts.  The Pentax K-30 is a great option for anyone who wants to start learning digital photography and have enjoy the experience.

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Best Budget Digital SLR Cameras